Apply Now For IndusInd Bank Car Loan At Lower Interest Rates

indusind bank car loan interest rates

Apply Now For IndusInd Bank Car Loan At Lower Interest Rates

About the bank

Induslnd Bank Limited is an Indian financial service. The bank offers commercial, transactional and electronic banking products and services. The loans offered by the bank are efficient and with easy EMI pay options.

Managing finances is the key to leading a balance life. Learning how and where to begin on your financial journey can sometimes feel overwhelming and confusing. The world nowadays works smart not hard, Induslnd bank provides people with those smart choices to make for a healthy lifestyle.


About Car Loan

A car loan is the most efficient way to avail your dream car in simple steps. It helps you to purchase your car and pay off the amount in form of EMI’s with time. The are also additional benefits of taking a car loan.


Benefits of getting a car loan

  1. 1.       Improved Budgeting

Budgeting is the process of revenues and expenses, cash flows and capital requirements and etc. as the famous quote goes “Rome was not built in a day” the process of budgeting follows the similar logic it is never done in a month, it usually starts from four to six months before the start of the financial year. Similarly, when taking a car loan, you get to decide the amount of money you pay which is also called as EMI plans. By the concept of budgeting, you will ensure that you do not over spend on a car and instead start over another saving. Managing finances requires good planning, after a tough financial drop during the pandemic the finance industry recovers faster through its loans and interests.

  1. 2.       Gaining Good Credit History

Now, you must also be wondering if you are applicable for a loan even with a low credit score. To your good news the answer is yes. Your car payments actually will help you increase your credit score, as long as you pay off your loan dues on time.

  1. 3.       No Guarantee

Also, the plus point of having a car loan is you will not need to give a guarantee to the bank which you usually do when you avail other loans. This is also because the car that you purchase serves as the guarantee.

  1. 4.       Ownership

You will be having complete ownership of your car regardless the loan that you took from the bank. The basic logic behind it is that due to a lease scheme the car loan lets the borrower be absolute owner of the car and make any changes or modifications to the car.


Benefits from IndusInd Bank

This is the most exciting part of the deal that you get exciting, money saving and gratuity from the bank which is the registration charges, a car insurance, great deals and discounts on the price.

These are the marvellous benefits of having a car loan.

We must also here remember that a loan also comes with interest and to pay off your interest well meanwhile also manage personal expenses without any issues requires smart planning. Few steps you can follow as your smart planning strategy are:

1. Always have a bucket list/ long term plans.

2. Do more than just “save” money.

3. Invest money in proper fund banks.

4. Stick to your budget list


IndusInd Car loan requirements

The bank provides a simple manual which describes the basic requirements to avail a car loan.

• The minimum age limit of the person availing a car loan must be 23 years and the upper age limit is 65 years.

• The net profit you make must be minimum of 2,50,000 per annum.

• The person must be living in the for 3 years in the current city and atleast 1 year of residence.

• The documents you must submit vary age-wise. The loan amount is transferred very fast once the documentation is done. Also the online processes of avail a car loan is available.


IndusInd Car Loan Interest rates

IndusInd Car Loan Interest Rates IndusInd Bank offers car loans for new cars as well as used cars at interest rates ranging from 7,5% p.a. to 20% p.a. The interest rate will also vary upon the car if it is used or new.






7.5%- 15% P.A



Up to 60 months



Up to 5% of loan amount


Up to 100% finance


The loan can also be shared by a co-applicant who is equally eligible as the person who is willing to avail the loan. Bank provides equal opportunity to share the loan amount and the person who will be sharing the loan amount will be called as the co-applicant of the loan. You also will not require to open a separate bank account to avail the loan, but you will be eligible for many more services from the bank if you decide to open a separate bank account. You will also be allowed to pay the bank using post-dated cheques. Also, if you are an longstanding customer who has been paying off their bills and any dept or loan amounts on time you will be eligible for a lower interest rate.

The processing charges cost less than 2%. It is also to be noted that the lower the debt-to-income higher the chances of less interest rate. The least amount of pending loans and debts to be paid the better chance of availing an affordable interest rate. The bank also has tie-ups with great manufacturers that can get you a wholesome benefit deals on the car. Also, the bank checks the resale value of the vehicle or the car, and also the model number of the car and the current value of the car. The longer the tenure period more the chances of getting a lower interest rate. All these are the criteria upon which the interest rate will vary from person to person.

In contrast, the bank offers car loans at a very affordable interest rate to every citizen regardless of their poor credit score or their amount that they will be withdrawing for the loan.


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Step 5: Loanz99 team will check your eligibility & will contact you for further details

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