PNB Home Loan Eligibility Calculator

PNB Home Loan Eligibility Calculator

PNB Home Loan Eligibility Calculator


The Punjab National Bank saw its inception on 12th April, 1895. It is one of those organisations who allowed the space for Indians to attain financial freedom. This bank is a result of the cherished desire of starting a Swadeshi bank, with Indian capital and management.

Under its housing loan Punjab National Bank has this Housing Finance Scheme for Public - PNB Max Saver

Under this scheme the objective is to provide substantial savings on the interest compound on account of facility to . This variant is for all purposes except for the purchase of land/plot only.



The prospective borrower will be as per the existing housing loan scheme.

The existing borrower will be where complete disbursement has been made.


What is a home loan eligibility calculator ?

The PNB home loan eligibility calculator is a tool that shall enable you to calculate your home loan and the respective EMI after putting certain information. A home loan eligibility calculator is a great tool as it allows the individual to explore their chances on the loan beforehand. It is also great for the people working in the bank because they do not have to go through the hassle of  repetitive enquiries everytime. It helps the loan takers to set up a plan for themselves as taking a loan is not a trivial affair. The home loan eligibility calculator calculates your eligibility for a particular loan after you put the required data.  Sounds strange? It is not strange at all as we are going to explain to you how the app works. The app relies on a regularly maintained database. When you enter an information it is compared to different criteria necessary for having a home loan of a certain amount. The result is that you get the closest estimate with respect to the criteria you have matched.

The following is a list of the factors that you need to enter on the eligibility calculator:

●Gross monthly income

●Desired home loan tenure

●Rate of interest

●Any existing EMIs

Note: with PNB eligibility calculator you will get the option to get a call back or also get an e-sanction.

 Home loan eligibility based on the value of property

Under this criteria of home loan eligibility, the Loan to Value ratio is considered. Of course giving the entire sum of the property as the loan is not the case.

The Loan to value ratio ( LTV) is the ratio of the maximum sum which you can get with respect to the market value of your property. LTV  will inform you the sum with respect to the property which your lender wants to bear. The remaining sum is to be borne by the taker beforehand. It is natural that the higher is the LTV ratio the more will be the sum that you will avail for a home loan.

The question here is will all kinds of property have the same valuation. The answer is a straight no as different kinds of property will have different valuation. This is dependent upon factors such as residential, commercial, location, etc. The table below shows what LTV you will be eligible for after analysing your property


Property value

Loan Amount

Under INR 30 Lakh


Between INR 30 lakh to INR 75 lakh


Above INR 75 lakh



Let's discuss the  top 5 factors that will affect home loan eligibility at PNB

It is a matter of fact that a home loan eligibility is measured on the parameter of your perceived ability to pay back. The factors mentioned below play the pivotal role in deciding your home loan eligibility.

1.   Your age: your age will determine the tenure of your loan. This will eventually determine your home loan EMI. The fact of the matter is that the longer the tenure, the lower will be the EMI and vice versa. People who opt for a loan in their late 30s often go for shorter tenures given their retirement plans. Although if a person is sure of his income and has some years at hand  they generally opt for longer tenures of maintaining a regular life with the remaining amount does not become  a tiresome task.

2.   The nature and size of your income: The size of your monthly income  is a pivotal factor which will decide how much of an EMI you will be eligible to pay. It would also determine how much surplus amount you can get after meeting all your other financial requirements to pay back the loan.

3.   Your prior loan commitments: your previous or ongoing financial commitments will cast an effect on the eligibility as the same as deducted as regular monthly outflow from your existing income, post which the portion of EMI set for home loan repayment is calculated.

4.   Your credit report: The importance of your credit score is that it helps the lender to judge your repayment capacity on the basis of your financial history. A credible credit score is preferred before providing any loan.

5.   Regulatory guidelines: NHB has too laid down restrictions on the maximum loan amount as a percentage of the home cost. This limit varies slightly on the basis of the property cost with lower cost homes being eligible for a higher limit and vice versa.


Taking a loan is an elaborate affair which often becomes challenging for many. That is why PNB has options about how can you can increase your eligibility for a home loan:

1.   Applying jointly: Under this you can include your spouse ( earning ) or any other applicant. The inference is that when applicant’s join for a loan then their income is also joined which will be helpful in determining loan eligibility. The factors adobe will also be applicable to the joint home loan applicant.

2.   Reducing other loans : You can close your previous EMI by prepaying the loan. This will allow you to be completely eligible for a new loan. This will also allow you to have a large surplus left to pay your EMI on time.

Home Loan Affordability Calculator

Buying a house is the most sought goal for every individual. But the tragedy is that the entire process involves a lot of complications in which taking the loan is the biggest one. The home loan affordability calculator is another name for home loan eligibility calculator. The thing with lending institutions is that in that case you need to pay 20% of the amount as down payment while the rest can be borrowed from the institution. The home loan affordability calculator will help you make a judgement about your loan, expected tenure and EMI. The home loan affordability calculator will also help  you to analyse the market rate of the property you can buy and the amount of home loan you are eligible for. The lending institution will take into consideration the following factors before sanctioning any loan for you.

These include, the health of your former income tax, any outstanding loans that one owes to the creditors.

We at loan99 believe that an eligibility or affordability calculator is a great tool to go about financial planning. Even if an individual has to take the loan sometime in the future, they can just give asses their eligibility before. This will allow them to be prepared for what is coming ahead and even fill gaps if there are any.

Why PNB?

For your home loan plans PNB can be a great choice considering the below mentioned factor:

●Attractive interest rate:

PNB home loan interest rates start as low as 8.75% per annum for salaried and 8.99% per annum  for self-employed.

●Home loan product bouquet:

A home loan at PNB is not restricted to only the purchase of a house. PNB housing provides loans starting from renovation, construction and also home extension.

●Home loan up to a 30 year tenure:

owing to the several responsibilities that an individual has it becomes important  that they have a certain number of years in hand to pay out the loan. PNB housing offers 30-year housing loans up to the age of 70.

●Easy finance:

PNB makes your entire onboarding experience on their home loan plan easy with easy down payments. They will cover up 90% of the home loan amount. This will give you the burden of only 10% of the loan amount. After that you are free to set foot in your dream house.

●Low processing fee :

 PNB has a meagre processing fee for its home loan. PNB charges only 0.5% of home loan as processing fee in a market where other financial institutions are having charges such as 1-2% of the home loan.

●Customer friendly features:

PNB housing loans have customer centric features that ensure that every customer we have is satisfied and hassle free experience with the bank. These customer friendly features include doorstep services, an available set of staff that is competent to solve your queries and also a bank that is empathetic to your needs.

Given the interest rates and software such as the  home loan eligibility calculator, PNB is a great choice for home loans.